Friday, November 13, 2009

"問世上有幾多愛" from edison.

After just finishing filming Hollywood movie [Almost Perfect], Edison Chen will be stopping at Taiwan on the 21st as his company's artist DJ Tommy is releasing a new album there. In the album there will be a song sung by Edison called "問世上有幾多愛 (How much love does the world have)" which is the first song he has published since his nude photo scandal.

It is rumoured he will return on stage to perform the song at LUXY nightclub but Edison has denied the rumours through his personal assistant, stating that he's only going to Taiwan for his friend DJ Tommy and also to release his [Taiwan limited edition USB toys] that are designed by Edison himself. The USB will contain the mp3s of DJ Tommy's new album and have raised online discussions already.

The lyrics of the new song "問世上有幾多愛 (How much love does the world have)" has been penned by Edison who is using the song to apologise to his parents. The lyrics say "Sorry mom, sorry dad, I really have tried to listen to you, I know I've told many lies (Sorry mom, sorry dad, I really have tried listening to you, I know I've told many lies)". The song even mentions how Edison's parents have told him to be more polite to paparazzi however, he still acted crazily. On the other hand, DJ Tommy accepted an interview for the Hong Kong media and stated that the recording of the song ended before the nude photo scandal and that the lyrics had nothing to do with the scandal.

Edison also showed his encouragement for his artist Apay Ji through a video and support for his own fashion label [CLOT]. Apay commented on how Edison is a really nice boss behind the scenes.

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