Thursday, November 19, 2009

"KangXi Festival" concert canceled

The news of Beijing stop of "KangXi Festival" concert, originally scheduled for November 28th, being cancelled has just be revealed. Some online ticket vendors have already put out a "Informed of temporary halt of ticket sales for Beijing stop of the 2009 KangXi Festival Nationwide Concert Tour" notice. Recently, Mainland venues for the concert have been losing money. The Hangzhou stop was even at a deficit of millions of RMBs. As of now, the reason for the cancellation of the Beijing stop is still unclear.

"Hot wife" Xiao S always gets to the meat and bones when speaking, never avoiding taboos. Opinions of her vary greatly, however, the show she hosts for Cai Kang Yong, KangXi Lai Le has always received positive feedback from the audience. So much so that it has even come to the Mainland from Taiwan.

The two of them, Xiao S and Cai Kang Yong, have hosted four KangXi Festival concerts in Mainland this year in a row. All of them had huge stars who brought their voices such as Taiwan's popular singers Show Luo, Stanley Huang, Xu Jiaying, South Korea's popular group Super Junior-M, the Chinese Super Girl champion Li YuChun allowing the concert venues to sell out. It's understood that each KangXi Festival production costs around 500 million RMBs.

Previously, it was reported that some companies stated that although KangXi Festival was a creative performance style, it was better to keep the costs to around 1.4 million NT$. It's been leaked out that KangXi Festival's Hangzhou stage already lost millions of RMBs. A company, unwilling to be revealed, mentioned that the price tag for the hosts Xiao S and Cai Kang Yong were not considered to be extremely expensive; It is actually the prices of the guests that are too high.

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