Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mizushima releasing his Drama and Photobook

Although busy with his new drama and soon-to-be-released photobook, popular Japanese star Mizushima Hiro cleared his hectic schedule to accompany his wife, Ayaka, to the hospital for checkups. It seems he's kept the promise he made when he first announced their marriage. In doing so, he has earned countless praises from his fans for being a 'doting husband'.

According to the new issue of Flash magazine, after announcing their marriage back in April of this year, Ayaka has taken a break from her career to concentrate on her health. Even though Mizushima has been busy with work, he has always kept her as his top priority. He took time off to go with her to the doctors. They appeared walking hand in hand, looking very much like a loving couple. During their marriage announcement, Mizushima had promised to 'protect his wife'. It seems like he's kept his word!

Japanese media has revealed that Mizushima is currently busy with filming his drama 'Tokyo Dogs' as well as preparing for the release of his third photobook, which will come out on the 7th next month. The photobook is titled 'Water Island~PEACE' and will be a lot more provocative than his earlier works. Not only will he be revealing his back side, but many shots will be suggestive from the bottom down. According to workers from the shoot, they were quite shocked at how daring he was after seeing the images.

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