Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Shanghai Sweetheart/Hai Pai Tian Xin Drama

In CTS drama “Shanghai Sweetheart/Hai Pai Tian Xin”, Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) portrays (Lin Da Lang) a mushroom head, mean eyebrow look and scooped chin, because of the interesting “home boy” look; he’s favoured by advertising sponsors. To many others they think the image is from Lu Guang Zhong, on the 2nd it was strongly responded: “3 years ago I discussed with Cai, to say its copied, it should be said copying Chibi Maruku.”

Jealous Da Lang, No way to others for pictures

Xiao Zhu jealous of “Da Lang” more famous than him: “I’ve been in business for 10 years to now get advertisement, he’s only been out for a while and he’s being contacted.” He says others want to take pictures with “Da Lang”, he refuses all, and will not dress up like that out side of filming or in advertisements. He and Rainie has a lot of pressure from filming “Shanghai Sweetheart”, 1 mouth injured, the other period stopped.

Angie Cai sighs Baron Chen has too many limitations

“Shanghai” producer Angie Cai says past student Vanness’s performance in “Autumn’s Concerto”, sighs “His features are so fine, in SETTV’s TONE way performance is like filming “Blue Spider Web藍色蜘蛛網”. And also said “Autumn’s final stop should be here”. She exaggerated that Xiao Zhu didn’t have pressure from the script, opposite Zai Zai would think the script is childish, Baron Chen has more restrictions, causing her to be all tied up. Never thought, Vanness immediately sent a text message to Xiao Zhu saying, no matter what others say, us brothers must work hard jia you, Xiao Zhu claims, “as long as nipples are not shown, anything else is ok”, but he forgot his past web cam incident had already shown his nipples.

Daughter’s fate signs Chen Yan Fu (陳衍甫)

Angie Cai’s 18 year old daughter Xiao Ya is currently studying first year at National Taiwan University of Art (NTUA) Drama and Theatre Dept, has added to the “Shanghai” cast, she supports her daughter’s performance, and also says, the first time she met her daughter’s classmate Chen Yan Fu immediately expresses “I like mature women”, and also keeps a picture of her as a lucky charm, felt the deep fondness of his feelings, she signs him. Netizens responds that the drama is full of mainland dialect, she says during filming she had requested, later there shouldn’t be that problem.

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