Thursday, November 05, 2009

Show Luo & Rainie Yang best mate.

After collaborating together in idol drama 'Hi My Sweetheart', Show Luo & Rainie Yang have turned from enemies into good friends. Media reporters believe that the 2 are not just on-screen lovers, but their relationship in real life seems to have sparked a subtle chemistry reaction. Sharp-eyed staff members revealed that after filming, the 2 have developed a 'personal friendship'; not only romantically dancing together in their pajamas, but earlier, reporters witnessed the 2 going to sing KTV together, celebrating Show's assistant's birthday together and Rainie even visited Show at the recording studio in the middle of the night. Their relationship is definitely progressing very rapidly.

On the 28th of October, at approximately 6pm, Show & Rainie appeared outside a restaurant in Taipei. As soon as Show got out of his car, he immediately ran to Rainie's car and made faces against the window, and even imitated a monkey scratching itself. This made Rainie laugh non-stop, and after she got out of her car too, they headed into the restaurant together.

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