Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The first solo concert of NEWS' Yamashita TOMOHISA YAMASHITA First Solo SHORT BUT SWEET ~ 短いけれどいい時間を ~" is right ahead and his New Single „Loveless" will be released today on November 18th. It is certain to play a big role. Despite the fact that he has been busy with rehearsing every day, there seems to have been something on his mind, he felt the need to share.

Yamashita "Just the other day, I had this discussion with Takizawa-kun. It had been a long time since I was able to meet him, and he has grown so much since, it seems. I remembers it from the Jr. times. It's a little embarrassing. Lately I have only been rehearsing, and I came to remember this feeling from rehearsing now very well. The feeling to sweat so much every day, that one T-Shirt isn't enough. It really is embarrassing. It's like a childhood memory, though.]

With everyone growing up, everyday life is changing as well, however, this should not let the excitement for everyday falter. After all, 2010 will bring the new drama "コード・ブルー/ Cold Blue", so make sure to keep and eye or two open for this!

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