Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Upcoming movie “Let The Bullets Fly”

International star Chow Yun Fat had to be hospitalised and put on intravenous drip earlier this week after catching a cold while filming upcoming movie “Let The Bullets Fly” in Beijing.

However, during the press conference for the movie in Beijing on Tuesday, the actor candidly joked that it was his co-stars’ formidable acting skills that ‘stressed’ him out rather than the cold bug.

“It seemed like there’s a ploy going on. One the first day of the shoot, I had a headache after witnessing Ge You’s masterful display. On the second day, I saw Chen Kun in action and my heart started beating so fast. He may be young but he is really good. Two days later, it was Jiang Wen and his brother’s turn and I couldn’t handle both of them. In the end, I had to be hospitalised and put on the drip for two days. This shows how good the actors are,” said Chow.

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