Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Zheng Yuan Chang going into music industry

Zheng Yuan Chang is venturing into music industry, in the Ishikawa Japan photo shoot that was included in his EP as free gifts, it has included a lot of beautiful pictures and it has attracted the fans to have the desire to collect it. Being in the famous hot spring ryokan [Kagaya ], Xiao Zong was naked in a hot spring, looked so manly but personally he was someone who is afraid of heat, once he stepped into the hot spring he has been crying out loud because of the heat, but the professional-side of him was able to finish the shoot with a natural and relaxing expression, once he was out of the camera, everyone will be showering him with cold water, to help him to reduce the temperature.

For this trip in Japan, they have picked Ishikawa's Kanasawa and Noto, using their traditional atmosphere to bring out Xiao Zong's intellectual charm. Since he has this rare opportunity to work at oversea, Xiao Zong smiles and says that this trip was like a holiday, it was very satisfying, he gets to see geisha, who is normally being viewed as national treasure here in Japan, walking along the historical street of [Higashi-chayagai] (Higashi Teahouse Street), looking beautifully at her age, and being able to have his picture taken with the geisha, Xiao Zong finds the experience very refreshing. Inside the art-craft shop, the professional certified owner has happily drawn on Xiao Zong's red paper fan.

On 4th November Xiao Zong is having school performances for the first time with Xiao Yu and A-Lin at Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology, his previous school tour performance will be more than 2 years ago, he is very nervous, has been remembering his lyrics diligently and having his dance rehearsal as well. This will be his one and only school performance, he is calling out to all the fans to attend this event.

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