Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Aimee Chan hot favourite this year

Aimee Chan is the hot favourite to win this year's Most Improved Female Actress and also nominated for Best Supporting Actress, so it's hard to blame her for being so excited even before winning the award, she said: "When I first found out I had nominations in 2 categories I was very excited, just as excited as if I've won it already! Of course I have self belief, but I think everyone has a chance and will treat it with an ordinary intention." She
considers that after filming series for 2 years, her biggest improvement is being able to read and understand Chinese, adding to the daily filming of "Off Peddar", her acting skills have also improved.

As for Queenie Chu is nominated for the first time based on her roles in "Gem of Life", "Off Peddar" and "You're Hired" she feels happy and surprised, she feels as if she's gotten the award already and rejoiced that after 3 years of hard work, she is able to gain the company and the audience's affirmation of her hard work.Speaking of her formidable adversary, Aimee Chan, she expressed that she saw Aimee's improvements in the period in which they filmed together, from not knowing Chinese well to being able to read the script, the result is obvious to all.

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