Friday, December 11, 2009

Bernice Liu appear in a slimming brand product

The other day Bernice Liu shot many advertisement photos as the spokesperson of a slimming brand product. She wore 5 different outifts including a summer look top and low cut sexy evening gown. One of the evening gowns specifically showed off her chest and long pair of legs.

Drinks coffee to keep warm

Although the temperature was around 17 degrees Bernice still insisted to wear the thin layered outfits for the shoot. Not only did the crew turn off the air conditioning but also gave her a cup of hot coffee to keep her warm. Bernice said "Actually I am not afraid of the cold. I am most afraid of the photographer shooting pictures of my toes because they became swollen and bruised while I shot the fighter movie. They look very ugly". Fortunately the crew arranged dark colored nail varnish to cover the bruises.

In addition, Bernice expressed that not only is she satisfied with her earnings but they have increased. She said "I am very happy shooting this advertisement. As well as receiving money, I can also keep fit. I am very satisfied with my full body figure. But if possible I would like my thighs and arms to be slimmer. Then that would be perfect".

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