Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Famous MC Kang Ho-dong “KBS Best Entertainer Award”

Famous MC Kang Ho-dong has received the “KBS Best Entertainer Award” for “Happy Sunday: One night two days.” Kang, who won the “MBC Best Entertainer Award” and the “KBS Best Entertainer Award” last year, earned the award for the second time in two consecutive years.

The “2009 KBS Entertainment Awards Ceremony" held at the KBS New Hall was broadcast live on KBS 2 TV at 10:15 p.m. on December 26. In the ceremony, Park Sung-ho received the “Best Award” in the comedy division for “Gag Concert” and Park Mi-sun won the “Best Award” in the show/entertainment division for “Happy Together Season 3” and “Gag Star.”

“Happy Sunday: One night and two days & Qualifications of Men” was chosen as the “Viewer’s Choice Best Program” and “Back stage’s Mr. Kang“ from “Gag Concert” won the “Best Idea Award.”

In addition, Kang Yoo-mi and Ahn Yeon-mi of “Back stage’s Mr. Kang” won the “Female Entertainer Award” in the comedy division and Yoon Hyung Bin of “Bongsunga School“ received the “Male Entertainer Award.” In the show/entertainment division, Lee soo-Geun of “One Night Two Days” and Shin Bong-seon of “Happy Together Season 3” and “Champaign” earned the “Male Entertainer Award” and the “Female Entertainer Award,” respectively.

In the entertainment ceremony, Lee Gyung-Gyu, announcer Lee Ji-ae, and Yoona of “Girls’ Generation” conducted the event as hosts, and the group “2PM” AND ‘Brown Eyed Girls” performed on a special stage and the “1 Night 2 Days” and “Gag Concert” team gave a parody show.

Here is the rest of the awards list:
* Newcomer Award: Heo Kyung-Hwan & Oh Na-mi (Comedy) Jeon Hyun-moo & Kim Shin-Yeong (Show/ Entertainment) *Best Entertainment Award: Kim Seong-min, Kim Tae-won, Lee Ha-neul * Best Teamwork Award: Invincible Baseball * Broadcast writer Award: Baek Seong-woon (Comedy) and Jung Han-wook (Show/Entertainment) *Merit Award: Arts director Go Dong-wook * Special Award: Dr. Kwon Ohjoong (“Vitamin”)

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