Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fukada Kyoko given a title "Nail Queen 2009"

Today actress Fukada Kyoko (27), simply known as Fukakyon, has been given the title of the "Nail Queen 2009" in the actress category.

In 2006 she already earned herself the same title and is known for her love for nail arts. "I’ll work hard to be able to stand here again next year." She proclaimed with much ambition.

Recently it has been rumored that her good friend Higashiyama Noriyuki is in a relationship with fellow actress Kimura Yoshino, but Fukakyon decided rather not to make a comment on this matter. However, when she got asked about her own happiness, she responded with a sweet smile: "Yes, I am." Looks like her relationship with young actor Shimizu Ryutaro (21), the third son of famous talento Shimizu Akira (55), is doing really well these days.

Singer Tsuchiya Anna also got the award as well as the model Masukawa Tsubasa, actor Ishida Junichi and actress Daichi Mao (special prize).

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