Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hacken Lee special guest in Sammi Cheng's concert

Hacken Lee appeared as a special guest in Sammi Cheng's concert the other night. Tony Leung Ka Fai, Daniel Wu, Chet Lam and Prudence Liew were there to support her too. When Hacken went on stage, Sammi said "You see, I am a lucky star. Every guy artist who had worked with me before are now either dating or married!" Hacken replied "How strange, everytime you hold a concert, I have good news too. My wife wanted to attend your concert to support you each time, but everytime, it is not very convenience. You see, two years ago when you held your concert, she was expecting our first baby. Two years later, you hold another concert and she is expecting our second baby. She wanted to see your show everytime, she listens to your songs all the time too." Sammi was laughing her head off "Tell us the truth, were you two listening to my song when you were consummating in the bridal chamber?"

When Hacken got married, Sammi gave them an expensive bed sheet as a wedding present. Hacken said "Do you remember the bed sheet you gave us? Each time we put the sheet on our bed, I keep getting weird thought." Sammi went on to say "Then you have to thank me." Hacken added "Sure I thank you, but when do I need to lent you my bed sheet?" Sammi was laughing again "You have to wash it first, please, and thanks!"

When Hacken was singing solo, he told the audience "I was originally going to sing a new song, as you know, I don't have much chance to promote my new songs on TV anymore." The audience applauded and screamed to show their support. Hacken continued "If I sing new song, I am worried you may go to toilet as you are not familiar with the new song. But if I sing an old song, I am worried that you may forget the song already. Therefore, I am going to sing 'All must be married a long time', and this is for you."

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