Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Info : " treasure hunter "

In "The Treasure Hunter" Jay Chou and Lin Chi Ling's greeting towards each other was unexpectedly a poke in the belly! The two went onto "Kang Xi Lai Le" for promotion, Xiao S forced Jay Chou to answer the question about whether she was prettier or Lin Chi Ling, and she also asked which photo book he would buy of the two? Jay Chou cleverly answered: "I will buy yours! Because Lin Chi Ling is a very uptight person, there's nothing to see in her photo book, but you are different."

As soon as Jay Chou got on "Kang Xi Lai Le" he said to Xiao S: "I often yell while watching this show, some people talk nonsense, and I think it's about me." Once Will Liu was on "Kang Xi Lai Le", he said Jay Chou snores when he sleeps, every time they flew Jay Chou would ask him "If I fall asleep and snore, remember to wake me up." Jay Chou admitted to this, sometimes before getting on a plane, he would ask workers to wake him up if he snores.

Xiao S pressed Jay Chou and Lin Chi Ling about whether or not they called each other during filming? The two admitted they had each other's number, if anything happened to either of them they would send texts of concern, Jay Chou even revealed: "I've once poked her belly". Lin Chi Ling admitted having a good feeling towards Jay Chou, she said: "I think you must have a good feeling towards someone you work with, otherwise how will you film a scene together?"

Something interesting happened when Jay Chou filmed "The Treasure Hunter", in one fight scene he got poked in the eye and it really hurt, he was alarmed as his vision became more and more blurred, he thought he was going blind! It was because his contacts fell out!

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