Sunday, December 20, 2009

JAy chou release a new album next year

Having just finished his work in Hollywood, Jay Chou immediately set about the second round of promotion for "The Treasure Hunter", being the main attraction for this movie, not only did Jay Chou give strong support to director Zhu Yan Ping but he also revealed how the director is very forgetful in real life. Jay Chou hasn't taken many steps in the movie domain, but each of his works have been big hitters, when talking about the difference between Zhang Yi Mou and Zhu Yan Ping, Jay Chou said, Zhang Yi Mou is normally a bit solemn in life; Zhu Yan Ping on the other hand is very interesting, he usually likes to tell jokes, but because his memory isn't good, he would tell the same jokes a number of times.

Due to his part in "The Green Hornet", before this Jay Chou has been in America working, according to Jay Chou, during his time in America he wrote a lot of songs, a total of 15, he will pick 10 out of these 15 to make up a new album, it is estimated it will be released in February next year. Jay Chou said, he is an ambitious person, when he does something he has to do it to the best of his ability, the reason he is always "giving it his all" in both movies and music, is because he "cares about how the fans see him", he hopes he doesn't leave them disappointed.

Jay Chou said, Americans aren't as implicit as Chinese people, when he found out he was still an artist, the staff by him often asked him to sing, and ask for his CD to listen to, Jay Chou thinks this is a good thing, this can slowly give foreigners an understanding of Chinese music and culture. He revealed, when he first accepted "The Green Hornet" he was very hesitant, but afterwards he thought "I can delay making the album, but being in a Hollywood movie is very rare, if I don't take part in this movie, then foreigners won't know me, they wouldn't have come to learn Chinese either to listen to your music". Jay Chou's fighting performance in "The Treasure Hunter" shocked foreigners, to this Jay Chou proudly said, "The Chinese are still the best at fighting".

Towards the hot topic of discussion about going onto the "Spring Festival Gala", Jay Chou expressed he had just returned, he isn't sure whether he has received an invitation yet, for specific information you'll have to ask the company. But at the same time he expressed, he would like to spend the Spring Festival with his family. Being the male lead of a big movie in the Spring Festival period, Jay Chou said he won't compare himself with other male leads of Spring Festival movies, and he won't say to fans "Don't you go supporting someone else", "of course", Jay Chou joked, "I hope fans will be able to watch "The Treasure Hunter" first and then watch other movies".

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