Monday, December 21, 2009

Jessica Hsuan at "The 1st Scottish Dogs Christimas Games"

Jessica Hsuan attended event. Regarding to the recent headlines of: "Famous artist Jessica Hsuan's latest trend of 'Pet Love' with veterinarian urges the public not to abandon dogs", Jessica was not satisfied with this.

At the event, Jessica frankly expressed that she is not happy that her relationship with Veterinarian boyfriend making the headlines. She said: "Work is work, I should give a notificiation of that. (Work on Christmas?) Yes, I have a break on Christmas Eve. (Spending it with your boyfriend?) Yup, he said he has a surprise for me. I already gave my boyfriend something that he needs to use! (Gallen Lo got married, have you congratulated him?) I didn't send him SMS, but I'm happy for him. I am dating now, friends are saying that I'm neglecting them."

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