Monday, December 21, 2009

Joey Yung TVB's Most Popular Female Singer

Regarding to the four major record companies ("big 4") planning for a boycott and arranging their singers to get exposure from other television stations in order to break TVB's monopoly, Kay expressed yesterday that she has not heard of the news. She will face this matter in a positive manner. If the rumors are true, will she feel awkward? Kay said: "The responsibility of a singer is to sing and record albums, so there will not be that much of an impact on us. " The more television stations the better? "Singers and many other television stations often collaborate, cannot say one is better than the other. I do not understand the policy issues, whatever is good. Just do well on my singing, put in the effort and participate in the award ceremonies."

It was said that TVB's Most Popular Female Singer award had been changed to be given to Joey Yung, Kay felt that the policy issues are just temporarily, her perspective of others winning awards is that she'll be happy for whoever that gets it. She said: "The public is making the issue so big, actually our company has not said anything, work is continuing as usual. The amount of awards, maybe Fans are very anxious to watch, but if I know there are fans supporting me, that is enough." Speaking of getting nothing at the last night, Kay does not feel that it's a pity.

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