Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jolin Tsai will be at Taiwan and will meet Jay Chou

Jolin Tsai’s vacation has come to an end, and she has returned back to Taiwan earlier than planned. She will resume work on the 20th, and will meet Jay Chou; ‘Double J’ will be on the same stage once again!

Jolin headed to Canada for a vacation, and she stayed in Montreal learning French, and experienced the simple life of a student. During her trip, she stayed by herself in a small hotel. From her plane ticket to accommodation to her 3-week tuition lessons, which cost over NT$20,000, she racked up a total of NT$200,000 during her 40-day vacation.

As for whether she had any love affairs, she replied sadly: “Nope, there were a lot of people who came up to me asking for directions, Japanese, French, Korean, American etc but they were all elderly men and women.” And when she was recognized by others, Jolin refused to admit her identity and would lie: “Many people say I look like her, but I’m really not Jolin!”

Initially, she planned on resuming work at the end of the month, but she has cut her vacation short, and will head to Beijing on the 20th to attend an awards ceremony, and coincidentally will be on the same stage with Jay Chou.

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