Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mayday held a concert at Kao Hsiung World Games Stadium

After 8 years, Mayday returns back to GangDu and successfully held a concert in Kao Hsiung World Games Stadium that challenged the record of having fifty thousand people at a concert. Their flying ship, fireworks, flying car stunts stunned the audience. During rehearsals though, the flying ship worth eight hundred thousand dollars kept drifting away.
A Shin specially prepared "Nobody Else in My Heart" and other 9 songs to dedicate to the fans there.

In the afternoon, a worker with surname Chen fell from three metre tall stage and faced 2 fractures in the ribs. Till the moment of this article being published, his vitals were still unstable.

When the encore yesterday dragged the concert till after 12, fans immediately started singing "Happy Birthday" together and everyone celebrated the lead singer A Shin's birthday (which was on the 6th). A Shin made the wish of "Hope that I can progress with fans with another 10 years and come here to sing again."
This concert successfully pulled in a ticket sale of sixty five million dollars and broke Taipei Arena's 12.15am "Sodagreen Rule"

Translators note: During Sodagreen's first concert at the Arena, they sang till 12.10am and there were no rules set at that time yet. After Sodagreen's incident though, the Arena implemented a rule that sets fines on time exceeding for concerts, terming it directly as the "Sodagreen Rule". After 11pm, every 15 minutes of time exceeding will cost NT$50 000 and after 11.30pm, its NT$100 000.

Beginning from 1pm, various bands such as Commospeople, WangFu etc started warming up the stage and kickedstarted the marathon style concert. When at the external concert stage, Mayday was more daring. They zoomed up the stage from the left and right in two police motorbike and got close to the rock area audience. Their mountainbiking stunts were displayed on stage with additional effects such as fireworks, sprinkles, explosion etc, causing a "5 Ice Fire" exciting effect.
Mayday spent nearly fire hundred million on this concert, and a short 18 second "Transformers" animation burned off nearly 1 million dollars. Mayday members moved across the circular track of 800 meters and the 2nd stage to reach the fans that were further away.

During the concert, Mayday also led a choir of more than 320 people to sing "Get Up (起來)", "Han Ren (憨人)" and the loudness shocked many. As the concert came to a close, the environmentally friendly fireworks were set off thrice and 1.2million dollars were burnt off within a minute. It was as though the World Games opening ceremony's beautiful scene was brought back again.

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