Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New movie "Beautiful Mission"

Charlene Choi and Samantha Ko were shooting Wong Jing's new movie "Beautiful Mission". Charlene appears in Police uniform and is hang by wires. A scene requires her to jump on top of a lorry but she didn't use a stunt man. She ended up with bruises on her legs and arms, yet felt pain while being hang by wires. However Charlene was very professional and said "If I didn't have injuries then it wouldn't look real. Earlier I shot a scene hanging from 10 floors of a building. I am afraid of heights and I was scared! But the hardest thing was to not laugh while shooting scenes with Sandra Ng. There is one scene in the movie where I am competing in a beauty pageant and I need to wear a swimsuit and chinese dress. But with a body like mine there is not much to see!".

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