Thursday, December 17, 2009

Started filming "New Shaolin Temple" since October

The film "New Shaolin Temple" starring Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse and Fan Bing Bing has started filming since October. Before they started shooting, director Benny Chan invited Master Wing Chi from Shaolin Lohan School to come over to Hong Kong to coach Andy the "Shaolin Seven Star Boxing". In fact, Andy had already watched the basic steps and movement two months beforehand until master Wing came to Hong Kong. Andy and Master Wing's disciple Xing-yu practiced "Shaolin Seven Star Boxing together. After a few days, Andy has mastered the art and made very good progress.

Andy wanted to have a better understanding of Shaolin kung fu and also wanted to play an active role in his part of the film. He secretly went up to the monastery alone and spent three days meditating there. Andy disclosed that he spent three days chanting and didn't think of anything else, not even using the telephone. He felt much better in spirit after his meditation.

When they started shooting the film, Andy didn't have to adjust his diet. In fact, he used so much energy practicing Kung Fu that he needs more food consumption than normal. As Andy has 45 minutes daily meditation at home, he feels very refreshed afterwards. Master Wing said "Shaolin Seven Boxing" is ideal for Andy's body.

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