Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jacky Cheung released " Private Corner " new album

It’s been 5 years since Jacky Cheung released a Cantonese album; his new album "Private Corner" will be released worldwide next Friday (January 29th). This album has been in preparations for a long time – all because Jacky takes the production of his album very seriously. Originally, a portion of the songs were already recorded, however after Jacky listened to them again, he decided to give up on 6 songs and instead choose a few new songs to re-record, resulting in additional time and costs. In post-production, the album was first sent to the U.S. for sound-mixing, then sent to Germany for disc printing, so that his fans – who have waited a long time for this album – can enjoy the highest quality recording.

Jacky described his creative album from 5 years ago as his most personal album to date; however this time around, he took the musical genre that he enjoyed listening to the most [jazz] and converged it into a record – presenting his “private corner” so that all his fans can experience his “private world.”

Since Jacky does not have any contracts with TVB, his MVs are allowed to be broadcast on other TV stations, if necessary. Universal has chosen to hold a press conference for Jacky on Jan. 28th to present his album to the public for the first time. In terms of whether his MV will air on ATV, Universal expressed that there is a possibility, but it is still in discussion. Jacky deeply understands the difficulties that his record company currently faces and has expressed that he will support all promotional efforts on behalf of his album.

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