Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Little Big Soldier"

One is an old soldier who only wants to survive. The other is a young general who is aspiring to conquer. After a bloody battle, the two are the only ones alive.

When the soldier finds the injured general, he decides to kidnap him and brings him on a long journey to collect a reward, thinking by doing so he will no longer need to fight a war.

The general, feeling insulted, attempts suicide but is saved by the soldier every time.

Somewhere along the way, the soldier and the general find themselves becoming allies in a fight against the real villains.

The story of "Little Big Soldier" is mapped out by Jackie Chan who had conceived it for 20 years. Chan told in an interview that he has talked about the story with many people. But director Ding Sheng was the only one who has translated the colloquial story into a screenplay.

Ding Sheng also directs the comedic road film, starring Jackie Chan as the soldier and Lee-Hom Wang as the general.

Jackie Chan, who supervises the production, says the film is about lives during wartime and is a strong message that peace is priceless.

"Little Big Soldier"
Director: Ding Sheng
Cast: Jackie Chan, Lee-Hom Wang, Yoo Seung-Jun, Lin Peng, Xu Dongmei, Wu Yue
Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy
Release Date (Chinese mainland): February 14, 2010

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