Saturday, January 23, 2010

News on : [Down With Love]

Going on air soon, idol drama serial – [Down With Love] held its media premiere on 20 Jan 2010 in the form of a wedding party. The male and female leads, Jerry and Ella, transformed into the handsome groom and beautiful bride respectively. Ella also “confessed” aloud to share that when she was very into her role, she would experience feelings of liking Jerry’s character.

Idol drama – {DWL}, starring popular idols Jerry and Ella, will be telecasted via CTV and GTV on 31 Jan 2010. The production team organized a world premiere for the media in the form of a wedding party. To bring out the real atmosphere of a wedding, from guests arrangement, to wedding flavours, thank-you and invitation cards for guests, as well as ring ceremony, the production team had followed strictly to the proceedings of a real wedding.

Male lead, Jerry shared during the party on his joy of collaborating with such a spectacular cast, director and production crew. This made him very relaxed to continue filming and he hoped that viewers will love this drama. Meanwhile female lead, Ella, wished for everyone to find their partner in life and to stick with him / her forever. Then she even made a “confession” of falling for Jerry’s character, when she was very into her role during filming. Ella shared, “You have to really put in your emotions fully to achieve such effects. Therefore during then, I really fell for Jerry’s character. (The master-of-ceremony added, “Aiyo, what about Jerry then?”) Ella then joked, “Confession, it’s my confession.”

In [DWL], veteran actor Gu Bao Ming, who acted as Ella’s father said, this drama left him with a very different sentiment. Because the story not only magnified many daily issues and emotions, it also allowed everyone to feel the real feelings. Thus, he trust that many viewers will be able to connect with the story.

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