Monday, January 11, 2010

S.H.E concert held in Merdeka Stadium

Malaysia Concert 2010 was initially scheduled to be held in Merdeka Stadium. However the concert has now been changed to Bukit Jalil National Stadium instead as the Merdeka Stadium has been undergoing renovations since last year. As the progress of renovation was unable to meet the standards and requirement of the venue in-charge, renovation works has to be postponed and could not finish in time in March. The venue in-charge also elaborated further that in consideration for safety precaution, the stadium should only hold events after they have been satisfied of its perfect condition!

Earlier on, Galaxy Group has been notified of the changes and hence decided to change the venue for S.H.E's concert to Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Therefore Galaxy Group, being the official event organiser for [S.H.E Is The One - Love As One] Malaysia Concert 2010, will hold the concert on 6 March 2010, 8 pm in Bukit Jalil National Stadium. There are 6 different price range for the concert tickets, namely in ringgit, $398, $348, $268, $198, $138 and lastly $98 (last category being free-sitting seats). To fans who had earlier purchased tickets priced at $238, $198 and $168, please contact the ticketing authorities of Galaxy Group soonest possible for more information on your ticketing updates at 03-22822020.

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