Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show Lo new album "Rashomon"

Show "Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)" Lo released his new album "Rashomon," selling over 90,000 copies in a short 2 weeks. Two days ago, he held a sign-sing function in Shimen Ting, attracting thousands of fans. There was a mid-aged female fan who really likes Show's character "Hsueh Hai" in "Hi My Sweetheart," and bought 3,000 copies of his albums to give to her staff. He signed late into the night, his staff kept telling Show, "Later on, in the future, besides midnight snacks (at the autograph session), you'll probably have to treat us to some breakfast too."

Show had originally planned on attending the KKBox Awards Ceremony, but he signed over 10,000 copies, and completing his 12-hour "Self-mutilating, Marathon-esque Autographing Event" at 1:30 AM. Worried that he might not be able to make it, Show chose to miss the ceremony, "Even though the awards ceremony is important, but fans are more important." With reigniting rumors of "Double J Love," as Jolin's friend, Show expressed that he wasn't clear of the situation, but he doesn't think that "Double J" will be revived, if there's a chance, he'll ask Jolin.

Show Lo and Rainie's "Hi My Sweetheart" will be airing its grand finale next week. Fans were disappointed in the earlier ending, and went online to help speak up for their idol. Show said, "Everyone from director to production crew to cast all put lots of effort into filming, the ratings are good too, I think doing this is a little unfair to everyone." Show played cute acting pathetic, saying, "Why is it like that! :["

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