Monday, March 08, 2010

The 10th Tokyo Girls Collection at Yokohama Arena

Japan's biggest fashion show The 10th Tokyo Girls Collection was held on the 6th at Yokohama Arena. Hasegawa Jun (23), Yamada Yu (25), Marie (22), Sasaki Nozomi (22) and Karina (26) were among many of the models and guests that took part in the event.

Appearing in the upcoming movie My Darling is a Foreigner, actress Inoue Mao (23) was escorted on stage with actor Jonathan Sherr (35) wearing a white wedding dress adorned with a big ribbon. "I was a bit nervous, but I was happy to be wearing a similar wedding dress as the one in the movie." Hearing loud cheers from the crowd also brought a smile to her face. The movie will be released April 10.

Becky wore a white lacy outfit with a crown on her head. She gave her own explanation of the theme, saying it was 'The Prince's Day Off'. As well, Koda Kumi (27) and Kato Miliya (21) performed live at the show.

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