Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Choi SiWon new drama SBS ‘Oh! My Lady’

Girlgroup f(x) Sulli shows support for Super Junior Choi SiWon for his new drama SBS ‘Oh! My Lady’.

On the first episode airing of the drama on SBS on 22nd March, Jeon HyeJin, Lee HanWhee, f(x) Sulli, Na YeongHee will be making cameo appearances in the drama.

Especially since Sulli and Choi SiWon are senior and junior from the same company and this is SiWon’s drama comeback after 3 years, Sulli had shown support with the cameo appearance.

The drama stars ChaeRim, Choi SiWon, Lee HyunWoo, Park HanByul, Moon JungHee etc. The drama will take over the timeslot for ‘Pluck the stars for me’ at 8.50pm every Monday and Tuesday.

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