Monday, March 29, 2010

Eason Chan 8th concert

Eason Chan was performing his 8th concert the other night. He was dressed in black. It was also Ellen's (member of @17) birthday that day. Eason led the audience to sing happy birthday and Eman Lam (the other @ 17 member) brought out a birthday cake to surprise her. Eman said when she first met Ellen, she was only 14. She is 24 now, that means they have know each other for 10 years. Eason and @17 than sang "The Best is Yet to come" together.

Eason went back and changed his costume to white. He played Tai Chi as well as playing the guitar at the same time. Eason told the audience "Andy Lau plays pipa in style." He than sang Andy Lau's classic "As Time Goes By" (一起走過的日子) in a comedy version. Some of the lyrics have been changed, such as "have me, have love, have your mom have your dad ...." (有我有情有你阿媽有你老豆...) Eason said that version was written by Eric Tsang and Andrew Lam.

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