Monday, March 08, 2010

Jay Chou preparing his new album

Jay Chou has been riddled with "matters from the past", for the time being he's put that aside and throwing himself into preparing his new album, on the 3rd he was discovered filming MV scenes at a certain toy store, he was wearing a tight spider costume and dancing with black masked colleagues, it looked like a friendly encounter between "spider man" and "The Green Hornet", it was pretty interesting.

People online posted the original post from the toy store boss online "Today Jay Chou came to the store to film an MV, he was the MV director, also Jay Chou was in the shot", in the post it states that on the day staff suddenly came to the store to ask if they could borrow it to film an MV, as soon as they found out that the director was Jay Chou and that he would be coming to the set, it was like a gift from above, the boss lent out the store without hesitation, he also praised Jay Chou for being so good natured privately.

To this Jay Chou's JVR Music yesterday said: "Because this isn't a public work schedule, we can't reveal information about it." But from reports he was indeed filming scenes for a new song's MV, from the scenes it is cute scherzo style song. It has been a year and a bit since his last album, his new album is estimated for release in April, in June he is going to hold a concert at the Taipei Arena, then he will begin his world tour, this year he is returning to music.

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