Thursday, March 18, 2010

News on : Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou

Not long ago Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou were rumoured to be getting back together again, but now news is coming out that, the two met to talk about business! Due to the fact that there is only one album left on Jolin Tsai's contract with Chen Ze Shan, it is now rumoured that Jay Chou intends to sign Jolin Tsai, after all Jolin Tsai's yearly income is 3.5 hundred million, if he was to obtain the heavenly queen, his books will certainly look good, but the agent companies from both sides have not commented on the rumour, only expressing that they are not clear about the contents of the contract, leaving it to the imagination of the outside world.

Things to wear, things to drink, things to wash, things to use, Jolin Tsai is like a commercial board, she is spokesperson for endless products, now even her old flame Jay Chou is rumoured to be entering the battle for her.

It turns out playing bowling wasn't because the love had been reignited, but it was to talk about business, Jay Chou wants to snatch the heavenly queen, what he sees is of course the major commercials behind her; totalling from last year, Jolin Tsai took on 24 commercial performances, raking in 80 million; she held 2 sessions of concerts totalling 7.8 million, she was spokesperson for 11 brands, 2.3 hundred million, another 20 million for royalties and also royalties for her own design, 10 million, her income is close to 3.5 hundred million.

Based on the average cut between agent companies and record companies these days, even if it was split 30% and 70%, if you won the record contract you'll still earn money, the contract between Jolin Tsai and Chen Ze Shan is only one album per year, now the last one is at the end of July, Jay Chou, who previously got into an argument with Chen Ze Shan about buying chart numbers, has been rumoured to harbour intentions of turning his old flame into his colleague.

Jay Chou's agent company expressed, because they are not clear about the contents of the contract, they will not make any comments, Chen Ze Shan also didn't comment, who will Jolin Tsai end up with, it is inevitable it will become a talking point, it is also indirectly increasing her fame.

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