Friday, March 26, 2010

Upcoming movie "Future X Cops"

Barbie Xu (Da S) attended a wax figurine unveiling for her upcoming movie "Future X Cops" in Hong Kong yesterday, and the real Da S couldn't stop looking at the "fake" her. "It does look like me at some angles, some angles are a bit chubbier. The chin, teeth and nose are very similar, looking at my own figure so close is quite frightening." Asked if the body measurements are the same as the real person, she laughed. "They have added some stuff at the front." As for the conservative clothed figurine, which some asked if it would be a waste of her great body, Da S said that the figurine could change clothing and hair at any time. She continued to say that maybe in the future, she could bring a sexy low cut evening gown to switch, and had already taken pictures of the wax figure for her family members to compare, and said "I will bring them to Hong Kong to look at the exhibit when I have an opportunity."

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