Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jay Chou is in public welfare MV

Blackie has started the Love Life plan, a public welfare event to show concern for weak and sick children, to try and get a response from society. After Xiao S filmed a public welfare MV on the 1st of April, on the 2nd the heavy hitter Jay Chou is the main star of the public welfare MV.

When filming Jay Chou, at present Jay Chou is busy recording his new album for this year, but he's using his free time to do his bit for the public welfare commercial. As one of the founding members of Love Life, when Jay Chou saw the concept of the MV, he was very moved and supported it, on the day of the filming, his mother Ye Hui Mei was there, when she saw the MV Blackie had made she nearly cried. The music for this MV is written by Blackie's fiance Fan Fan, when Jay Chou heard the melody, he couldn't help but immediately play it on the piano, he recorded the performance and gave it to Blackie as a gift, no royalties attached, this touched Blackie a lot.

For the filming of this MV Blackie and the crew took 5 days to film 20 artists, the high efficiency surprised him a lot.

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