Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New movie " Spider Liilies "

Hey Girl Xiao Xun will star in a new drama director by Zero Chou, who directed the movie 「Spider Liilies」, she started throwing away her girly clothing and try to wear baggy pants, but she sees only see her life complete with her long hair, so she is protecting them and not willing to cut them, which is an obstacle for the director.

Xiao Xun has a pair of electrifying eyes, and a lot of male artists admire her too, she said "I am a girl who loves boys, I doubt I will ever be a homosexual in my life, but if I can experience being one in a drama is not bad too." This drama 「Si Shen Shao Nu/Teenage Death Girl」[Choco: there isnt an official title yet, so I translated it to the best of my ability] will be a drama produced by Taiwan Public Television Service, director Zero Chou already told Xiao Xun to observe and study the movie 「Spider Liilies」by Rainie Yang and Isabella Leong and also research female homosexual thoughts and feeling on the internet.

Xiao Xun purposely asked her mom "If one day I fall in love with a girl, what should I do? " At the end her mom replied her "Did you went crazy ? " She admits she can be into her character very easily, and maybe during filming, she would really get intimate with girls.

Yesterday Xiao Xun was filming clothing endorsement with Hey Girl members, Ya Tou, Tang Guo, Yong Tu, four of the girls started their diet in the beginning of April, Xiao Xun wouldn't eat red meat, Tang Guo wouldn't eat after 8 at night, Yong Tu stopped eating carbohydrate, Ya Tou wouldn't eat midnight snack. As a result yesterday when they were taking pictures, Ya Tou and Tang Guo were wearing size S and it was still loose, Xiao Xun's weight dropped from a 50 to a 40, only Yong Tu diet didn't success because her stomach capacity got bigger due to the hosting of a food show 「Lu Xing Ying Yuan Tuan」, one of her top didn't fit because of her upper part of the body.

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