Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twins Everyone Bounces Up 2010 Concert

The 3 show ended last night at Hong Kong Coliseum. Big sister Joey Yung made her appearance, attracting many friends from the industry to come support them including: Remus Choi, Laurinda Ho, Deep Ng and his girlfriend Jacquelin Chong, EEG boss Albert Yeung and his wife. That night, because Twins were feeling sad that the concert was ending, they cried several times on stage. Ah Gil gratefully said: "A lot has happened in the last 10 years, especially the past 2 recent years, but there are still so many loyal fans supporting us! I'm really afraid that there won't be a second time, thank you all for giving us this opportunity." Twins thanked their boss Albert Yeung and manager Mani Fok who were sitting in the audience before singing , the scene was very touching.

During the Encore, Twins and good friend Joey Yung appeared, the whole place got very high at their presence. Joey told Twins: "I know that it wasn't easy to get through the last two years. Everytime I saw you two, I too felt really emotional, I really wanted to spend everyday with you two, being by your side and giving you the support."

Joey's love, deeply moved Ah Gil and she said: "Two years ago, originally we were suppose to hold a concert, but because of the incident I got involved in... Really have to thank Joey for helping us get through that period." After hearing that, Joey couldn't control her emotions either: "Don't make me cry too!" Joey tried to lightened up the atmosphere and told audience to do the wave. The three of them also pulled Remus, Alex Hung and Deep Ng onto the stage to sing with them. The concert ended with the encore.

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