Thursday, May 13, 2010

5th single "DEVIL SIDE"

Today, on May 12th VAMPS are releasing their 5th single "DEVIL SIDE", which is the first of their 2-months consecutive releases. For that occasion they are without a doubt in media focus and they have been taking part in a radio program lately. The theme of that program was "A person to be grateful for."

For hyde, the person he is most grateful for is a man, who he never met. During his time in middle school, hyde and a friend had been doing a bike race and suddenly he fell into some kind of pit. At that time, he lost his consciousness as well as in a dangerous state that his arm as well as his neck had been broken. According to hyde, an unknown man took him in his car until the ambulance arrived. He was taken to the hospital, where the surgery was done, but he only remembers things from after the surgery in the hospital bed.

However, on the mysterious man, he said "I didn't really have the chance to look for him, so I always wonder about it", still not knowing until now, who it was. The aftereffects of the accident has been taken on until now, hyde said. "There is still something wrong with the sensitive nerves around the eyes and lips. Even now I can't put any strength into my left arm."

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