Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New movie "Kamisama Help!"

Kazuki Kato (25) will take on a new starring movie role in the comedy "Kamisama Help!," directed by Shota Sasaki. This will effectively be his first film lead. He had originally starred in Eiji Uchida's "Dakara Oretachi wa, Asa wo Matteita" that was scheduled for release this past February, but the movie was canned after co-actor Manabu Oshio (32) was arrested for drugs last year.

"Kamisama Help!" takes place at a closed school where a mass murder occurred 25 years earlier. Kato plays both a teacher and a "horror planner." He will also sing the film's theme song, a cover of the 1985 hit "Kamisama Help!" by the band The Checkers.

The film is scheduled for release on August 7.

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