Thursday, May 13, 2010

Se7en new album in july

Singer Se7en will have his comeback after 3 years this coming July in Korea.

A YG Entertainment representative told Newsen on 11th May, “Se7en is currently preparing for the new album to be released in July.”

The rep revealed that there are plans for the new album to be released on 1st July, and they are currently preparing for it. The pre-recording was done earlier in April and back then, a rep has also revealed that, “Se7en will comeback with new features” pointing to a more matured image for Se7en’s comeback.

There is great anticipation for Se7en’s comeback since this is his comeback after 3 years plus, the YG rep added, “Se7en is preparing for the album enthusiastically.”

Meanwhile, Se7en released his last album ‘Se7olution’ in November 2006. Even though he did release hit digital single in 2007, it has been a while since he released a new song in Korea. This will be his 1st album after he released his song ‘Girl’ in the States.

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