Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ah Sa's first Mandarin album

Organized by Guangdong FM 99.3 Radio Station, "M-Zone - Charlene Choi's Debut Mandarin Album 'Confidant' Party" was recently held in Guangzhou. In addition to Ah Sa Charlene Choi appearing in person bringing along her debut Mandarin album , singers Sherman Chung and Ken Hung were special guest performers at the concert.

Following the release of Ah Sa's first Mandarin album , the album has received praise and positive critiques. Ah Sa revealed that over 1 year was spent on preparing and recording the album, with Charlene personally greatly liking each song and with every song portraying her mood and frame of mind. Within the album, (Song audio) is a song Charlene has personally composed (Mandarin version of Charlene's ), Charlene is especially fond of the lyrics sung with emotion, "Because you loved therefore you are willing to part, because you are willing to part therefore there was worth (to the relationship)." As well another song she personally really likes is (MV), a song Charlene says is able to represent her thoughts and feelings. "People often say 'past events are like smoke' (they can easily be forgotten and detached from your life), but there are a lot of memories that are stored in my heart and mind." Another song, a leading fan-favourite entitled (Song audio) includes the English lyrics "Baby I know, maybe it's time for us both to let go" and ends with the Mandarin lyrics "I need to endure, I will endure." Speaking of this, it seems to suggest Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng's previous relationship. Unforgettable past events are maturing experiences, just as Ah Sa treats love and relationships with a positive and courageous attitude for the future.

Furthermore, there have been rumors constantly flying around that after Charlene's contract with EEG soon expires, she may sign with Huayi Brothers, or start her own independent company, etc. During a press interview, Charlene Choi openly denied these rumors. She expressed that her contract with EEG Music is for 15 years; Ah Sa signed the contract when she was 17 years of age and the contract expires when she is 32. "Previously I felt that contract details were not suitable to be discussed publicly, so I have not spoken of it. But not saying it, there are more and more rumors." In regards to these false contract rumors, Charlene is quite helpless.

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