Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gigi leung new album

Haven't released a Cantonese album in 3 years, Gigi Leung recently came back with a new album "A Cat Fears Loneliness - 怕寂寞的貓" with a whole new image. For the album poster, she modeled a cat's untamed beauty and appeared like Cat Woman and will also show off her 43 inch legs. Gigi expressed that many people thinks cats are arrogant, but actually cats do have their passionate and afraid of loneliness side: "Actually every one has been misunderstood before, or may misunderstood someone else. Stereotypes are everywhere, interactions between people are distant. This time, I want to use music to allow audience to understand my music and my true self." Gigi's new album is a production by many different musicians, including Lin Xi, Hanjin Tan, G.E.M Tang and Adrian Chow. She expressed that when people grow older, experience more, they have a different view on life.

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