Saturday, July 03, 2010

Lee MinHo @ Twitter

Actor Lee MinHo starts a Twitter account under his name officially on 1st July.

Lee MinHo wrote on his minihompy on 1st July at 6pm, “Because there are many posers on Twitter, I’m making one,” and revealed his Twitter account: ( His first tweet was, “I want to ride a bicycle.” He also posted up a photo of himself riding a bicycle in a CF. After which, he visited the Twitter page actor Jeong SeongHwa from MBC drama ‘Personal Taste’ and wrote, “Hyung, I made a Twitter account too. Please teach me.”

Lee MinHo also posted on director Park KwangChoon’s Twitter page, “Director, it’s me MinHo. The previous accounts under my name are fake.”

Fans’ response to this are, “After Facebook, now Twitter~ Welcome!”, “I hope you directly post to us news often” etc.

Meanwhile, there has been many poser Twitter accounts set up under Lee MinHo’s name. And these accounts get up to 88000 followers.

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