Thursday, August 05, 2010

2PM’s first independent concert

2PM’s first independent concert has been slapped with criticisms of showing content which is too sexual.

2PM held their first concert ‘Don’t stop can’t stop’ on 31st July and 1 August at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. A few days after the concert performances, criticisms against the concert had appeared amongst the netizens and fans.

During their performance of ‘Tired Of Waiting’, the 2PM members were seen dancing intimately with female backdancers rest in sexy costumes. Apart from the sexy dance moments with the female back dancers, there was also dance moves which imitates a kiss scene. The concert age rating was set at 8 years old and above.

We have seen similar case last year for Big Bang GDragon’s solo concert.

It seems that criticisms of oversight that young audience and fans are exposed to over-provocative performances will once again fire up with this case.

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