Tuesday, August 10, 2010

30th anniversary of TVB’s

Next year will mark the 30th anniversary of TVB’s long-running music show . With TVB’s current royalty dispute with the Big 4 music companies resulting in a ban on all Big 4 artists from appearing on TVB programs, the station has decided to give up on producing the yearly gala and instead focus on putting together a special program to celebrate JSG’s 30th anniversary. The plan for the special event is to invite most of the artists who have hosted JSG for the past 30 years to appear on the show and possibly perform a song or two. TVB’s Production Manager (variety shows and music programs) Chan Ka Yeung admitted that he is currently in talks with former DJ/host and singer Ken Choi (1980s) to ‘come out of retirement’ for the event.

Chan confirmed that TVB is hoping to invite the former hosts of JSG to come together in support of the event. In addition to already having contacted Ken Choi (whose career tanked after his infamous ‘golden phrase’ during 1985’s JSG Awards angered many fans), Chan revealed that he is also talking with Money Lo and Vivian Chow. Also, Big 4 artist (and TVB’s god-son) Hacken Lee may be granted an exemption to appear on the show and recent host Amigo Chui might be given the opportunity to ‘reinstate’ his career by participating in the show.

With regard to Ken Choi -- whose odd public appearances in the past few years have made him the target of many gossip magazines – Chan admit that he is long-time friends with the singer and has already talked to him about doing the special. He revealed that Ken is indeed under a lot of pressure and is worried about possibly ‘coming out of retirement’ – he says that Ken told him: “I used to be very handsome, but now I’m an old man.” Chan Ka Yeung emphasized that having Ken on the show isn’t just a ‘gimmick’ – it can also be viewed as giving him a second chance: “To be honest, all he did wrong back then was saying ‘the wrong thing at the wrong time’. Since Leslie [Cheung] is no longer with us, isn’t it time to give Ken another chance?” (Will you have him lose weight and make himself back up before appearing on the show?) “No need. As people age, there are bound to be changes – as long as he is alert and energetic, then it’s fine. I do have high hopes for him – in addition to hosting the show, I would like to have him sing as well.”

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