Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gigi Leung latest album Cat Afraid of Loneliness (怕寂寞的貓)

The Gansu mudslide has led to over 1,000 deaths, some hundreds still missing and many families losing their loved ones. For the deepest grief to the victims, yesterday the entire country of China stopped all entertainment events and functions. Many Hong Kong events were affected including Gigi Leung's autograph session, Mr. Hong Kong and Miss Asia. Many artists left their blessings and expressed their sadness to the victims on Weibo.

Yesterday Gigi Leung held an autograph session for her latest album Cat Afraid of Loneliness (怕寂寞的貓), but canceled the games. . Instead she had a 1 minute moment of silence with fans for the Gansu mudslide victims. She urged fans and citizens to donate to the Salvation Army. Gigi considered to cancel the autograph session, but there were just too many Mainland fans that made a special trip to Hong Kong to attend the autograph session, so she decided to continue with it. However, she canceled the games to respect the victims.

The day before, Gigi and old lover Ekin Cheng went to Shanghai for an event one after the other. She said: "I'm not sure, artists going to Mainland for events is normal."

Charlene Choi: "Today the sky is tearing all day (raining), it is grieving for the Gansu victims. Add oil Gansu! The current rescuers add oil too! I will pray for all of you!"

Steven Ma sang Jacky Cheung's Blessings: "Giving the brothers and sisters in Gansu the deepest blessings and have to thank all rescuers. It is 12pm now, let's take a 3 minute moment of slience."

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