Friday, August 13, 2010

Jing Chang repackaged album [The Opposite Me]

Jing Chang (Zhang Yun Jing) has accomplished many “firsts” in her latest album [The Opposite Me]. Besides wearing a wig and putting on smoky makeup, she has now prepared a sincere dance routine for the repackaged album version. Jing even invited her colleague, Lollipop’s AoQuan, to collaborate with her. During the MV filming, the two had close interactions behind the scenes. AoQuan asked Jing for some advice on playing the guitar while Jing practiced some “break-dancing” moves with him. But when she tried to “break-dance” by using her arms and head to lift her feet in the air, Jing was off-balance and so her two legs kept on waving in the air. The crew joked that Jing was dancing in the reincarnation of “Paul the Octopus”.*

*Note: The Chinese pronunciation for “Paul the Octopus” is Zhang Yu Ji

AoQuan, who had only practiced 2-3 times for the dance routine, first went up to film his part in the music video. After he easily completed his part, the entire staff gave him their applause.

This made Jing even more nervous as it was now her turn. Previously, Jing has been known to have “clumsy and awkward body movements”. And this is her first ever attempt at dancing since her debut in the entertainment circle.

When Jing first found out that she was to begin dance practice, she didn’t have any complaints. Considering that she has no past dance background and that she had to collaborate with a talented AoQuan, Jing admitted that she felt pressured and practiced for over a month for this music video.

After watching the complete MV, Jing laughed: “It turns out that the hard work is worth it. The director made me seem as if I could really dance!”

However, during dance practice, Jing struggled quite a bit. There was a part in the routine where she had to crawl forward with her knees. Being a newcomer to the dance scene, Jing was unused to the physical requirements. As a result, bruises often formed on both of her legs. Not to add, since she is currently on a hectic promotional schedule, Jing could only find time to practice after scheduled events.

Jing Chang is coming out with her repackaged album [The Opposite Me] on 8/13. This [Spirit of Loyalty - Champion's Celebration Version] includes the bonus track Loyalty, Justice, Honor 義氣 ft. Aoquan of Lollipop and a DVD with 6 of Jing's latest MVs.

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