Sunday, August 01, 2010

Joey Yung holding a concert this year

Joey Yung will be holding a concert at the end of the year in Hong Kong Coliseum. Although the date, the number of shows and tickets have not been confirmed, because her HK Coliseum concert two years ago had unprecedented success, many fans' necks are getting long from waiting. In the recent days, fans have been "ordering" tickets from the record company EEG. Joey joked that many of her friends have pre-ordered tickets already. She said: "We have started our meetings discussing on where we want to do with the concert this year. Every time we talk about the concerts, I would get really nervous, I hope to give fans more fresh feelings."

The other day, Joey was promoting for the sub theme to her new movie , and filmed the MV to the new song , she said that it is a true challenge to her acting. She said: "Because I don't have any co-stars or props for the MV. I have to count on my own feelings to act out the role."

Also, besides having great success in singing, Joey's dancing skills are quite amazing as well. Two years ago, at her Starlight concert she took on a challenging dance routine, getting flipped and inverted 45 degrees. Even her dance instructor (High King) greatly praised her good timing and hard work, not afraid to die. He said: "She's really brave, no matter how challenging the movements are, she is not afraid. So I designed harder and harder dance movements for her." High King also exposes that Eason Chan and Faye Wong's interesting moments during dance rehearsal: "Eason is lazy, late and leaves early. He really has energy though, likes to ask everything to the very end. He has to understand every single thing." High King said that Faye did not allow her dancers to be 7 feet away, so it won't affect her singing.

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