Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Metro Radio concert

Raymond Lam attended a Metro Radio concert and towards the rumors of his arrogant attitude, always playing games during filming, late to work and several other 'violations'. He generously responded: "In the next few days, it will turn into 17 violations. This is not the first time I'm being accused by others, I will first reflect on the things I didn't do good enough. I will try my best to do the best." Is the tree too big, attracting too much winds? He calmly said: "No matter what I do, people will criticize. Like in the past people said I was cold because at the time I didn't talk much."

Towards the rumors that Raymond is arrogant during filming, Joey Yung supported her junior: "I met him when we were filming for the movie, he's really considerate towards others, has astonishing endurance. After completing his concert, he had to attend the movie premiere the next day, this is something I can't do, but I felt that he never looks back, a very professional artist. (Accused of always playing games during filming?) He memorized the script already, and even memorized my parts too." Joey said that Raymond is really friendly to his fans, there was one time a very excited fan girl rushed into the cafe looking for Raymond to get an autograph, Raymond really welcomed the fan. Joey said: "An artist that busy, being 5 minutes late, I find it reasonable."

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