Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Miriam Yeung having World Tour concert

Miriam Yeung will be holding her World Tour concert this October. This time it is her last concert before her wedding. At the press conference, Miriam made a grand appearance, wearing a black outfit with shoes valued at HK$26,000. She also had on 2 sponsored diamond necklaces, diamond ring and a watch, total valued at HK$100,000, an elegant appearance.

About her low-cut outfit, Miriam denied, she said that she's wears black swimsuit, but said: "I am a man, there's nothing to see when I'm wearing low-cut." She also announces that her wedding is on December 20th, the location has not been set: "This day is mainly a wedding party for the seniors and family. Friends party, will have to pick another date. (What does 1220 mean?) No meaning, its more important to have a date set."

For her concert, she invited Japanese band Exile to accompany in her dancing, and hopes to invite Aaron Kwok as her male guest because she has never worked with him before. Asked if she'll ask old boss Leon Lai to be the guest? She said: "Of course that's good, he's a prince and now I'm a lady, it matches the concert theme well." As this is her first concert after returning to Warner Music, she said that there will be many classic Chinese songs.

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