Friday, August 13, 2010

News : Hebe new album

Hebe Tian who only showed half her face in the preview clip of her new song, has finally revealed herself. Having recently denied all suspicions, H.I.M Music announced yesterday that Hebe, who has been in the music industry for 10 years, will indeed be releasing her solo album "To Hebe" as Tian Fu Zhen (her real name). Without her sisters to accompany her, Hebe invited many animals to star in her new MV.

Hebe's solo album which will be released on September 3, has been 2 years in the making. In that time, she has carefully moved away from her S.H.E identity and shows her own unique qualities. Recently, her record company posted a 90-second clip online and within one day, people were madly reposting it and there were over 1 million views. Almost immediately, fans recognised Hebe but H.I.M Music continued to keep everyone in suspense until releasing an official announcement today. Hebe also stated, "When I'm promoting my solo album, everyone please call me by my real name [Tian Fu Zhen], when I'm with S.H.E, I am Hebe."

The first hit song "LOVE!" talks about all kinds of love. In the MV, many animals are used to portray the idea, including a rabbit, rooster, ducklings, horse, doves, bees, Hercules beetle, praying mantis and even a box of ants. However, the biggest challenge for Hebe was acting a scene of deep emotions with a horse. Hebe, who was wearing a bright red dress was so scared that she couldn't tell a horse from a bull, "Oh my goodness, I'm wearing red, will it come angrily rushing towards me?"

In another scene, while Hebe was lying gracefully on the grass, a red poodle gave her a "surprise attack" from behind, it was Selina will her beloved Pinky coming to show support for her fellow S.H.E member. Hebe laughed saying, "I was really shocked just then, I thought it was one of the animal actors." After all, the 19 animals and bugs were used to fill the gap of missing Selina and Ella. The full MV premieres today.

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