Friday, August 13, 2010

News : Ohisama

NHK has revealed the details of its 84th Asadora (morning drama) series, titled "Ohisama." The show, set to air during spring and summer of 2011, will star young actress Mao Inoue (23) and will be written by Yoshikazu Okada ("Churasan").

Inoue's last appearance in an NHK drama was in 1999. This time, however, will be her first starring role on that network.

Set in the Nagano prefecture, "Ohisama" is said to be a biographical drama about a woman who lived through World War II, described as having a smile bright like the sun ("ohisama"). Inoue plays the woman, named Yoko Sudo, from the age of 16 before the war up to the age of 30 after the war. Producer Masayo Komatsu mentioned that the role will have Inoue becoming an elementary school teacher, then a soba shop owner, then a mother. Because the story starts during Yoko's student days, Inoue will once again be seen in a school uniform, even though she had declared last year that "Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu" would be her last time wearing one.

NHK plans to begin filming in October, though a small part will be shot at the end of this month, when the "soba flower" (a central piece of the story) is in bloom. The drama will be broadcast in the regular Asadora time slot (Monday-Saturday, 8:00-8:15am) from March 28 to September 24, for a total of 156 episodes.

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